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Mock Case ID: 1
Created: 27 May 2008

Inspect this gentleman hand and proceed.



     I would try to highlight some popular questions that are frequently asked during the MRCP PACES examination,

arrow 1) What do you notice in this gentleman's hand?

arrow 2) Where else do you find these lesions in this gentleman?

arrow 3) How do you diagnose this condition?

Always be prepared to answer the following questions as well,
arrow4) What are the conditions that predispose you to get this problem?

arrow5) How do you manage this condition? When do you start anti-gout?

arrow6) Will your management be different if this gentleman also has Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD)?

Gout is always a popular short case in your MRCP PACES examination. Although you may encounter straightforward and easy case such as in this case, you may be given a case where you only can find tophi in patient's earlobe. Always look at patient as a whole even though you are asked to examine their hands only.

Diagnosis: This gentleman has chronic gout.

Extra points:

1) Learn more about Gout at

UK Gout Society

Mock Case ID:2
Created: 27 May 2008

Please describe the rash.


    This is another popular short case in MRCP PACES examination. It is easy but candidates may find it difficult to describe the lesion. Here are some of the popular questions examiners like to ask during the examination,

arrow 1) What is the condition?

arrow 2) Which dermatome is involved in this patient?

arrow 3) What conditions prone you to get this problem?

arrow 4) What are the possible complications?

arrow 5) What is the virus that is involved? How do you manage this condition?

Diagnosis: This gentleman has shingles, he is a kidney transplant patient.

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