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Case ID: 1
Created: 31 Jan 2009

Station 5:Please examine this lady's hand and proceed.


MRCP PACES Questions:

arrow1) Besides neurofibromatosis, name me other neurocutaneous syndrome?

arrow2)What is the inheritance pattern for neurofibromatosis?

arrow3) There are how many types of neurofibromatosis?How do you differentiate them?

arrow4) Do you know any diagnostic criteria to diagnose this condition?

arrow5) How do you manage this lady?

Extra points:

1) Learn more about neurofibromatosis at


Created:31 Jan 2009

Interesting Images in Clinical Medicine.



Case History:

    Ms Soo is a 45-year old Chinese lady with history of living-related kidney transplantation on immunosuppression. She came to hospital complaining of severe cough and fever. Please describe the CT thorax above. What is the abnormality and what is the probable diagnosis??

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