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MRCP Book Reviews


1) An Aid to the MRCP PACES  Volume 1: Station 1, 3 and 5( 3rd edition)
By  Ryder/ Mir


“A must for MRCP PACES candidates!”  Dr HK Goh, Malaysia

“ It is a must weapon if you are going to the battle to win your MRCP(UK) or MRCP (Ire) title!” Dr CK Liau, Singapore

“ I certainly think that this book provides valuable information for candidates, it contains a lot of valuable photos. However, I think one of the weaknesses in this book is not enough information. I certainly recommend this book to my junior doctors.” Dr Victor, UK

“ A good book if you do not have any idea how to sell your story to examiners, try to memorize the presentations in each case provided by this book.” Dr James Wong, Hong Kong

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2) An Aid to the MRCP PACES Volume 2: Station 2 and 4 (3rd edition)
By Ryder / Mir


“ If you do not know anything about counseling, remember to read this book before going for your exams!” Dr HA Ang, UK

“ Get used to all the cases in this book, you are going to be asked the same question again in the exams!” Dr Paramjit Singh, Malaysia

“ The worst thing can happen to you is not finishing this book and you are sitting the exams tomorrow!” Dr Peter, Singapore

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3) 250 cases in clinical medicine( 5th edition)
By RR Baliga


“ Good amount of valuable differentials, causes and discussions to each clinical case!” Dr David, Malaysia

“ Learn this book hard and you will pass the exams!” Dr Liu, Hong Kong

" The best book for MRCP PACES!" Dr Saravanan, India

" Never go to exams without this book!" Dr Kidis, Pakistan

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4) PACES for the MRCP

By Tim Hall

Paces for the Mrcp (MRCP Study Guides)

“ A companion to 250 cases in clinical medicine by RR Baliga.” Dr Nela, India

“This new book is a highly structured case-based text to help candidates pass the MRCP PACES (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills) examination” Dr Sylvia, Australia

“I like this book because it’s simply very helpful for me!” Dr Mohamad, Sudan.

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By Ajith Jayasekera


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6) MRCP PACES Ethics and Communication Skillsnewbut
By Iqbal Khan


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7) MRCP 2 Neurology for PACES: The Neurology and History Taking Stationsnewbut
By J. Peiris, Natasha Peiris

MRCP Neurology

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8) MRCP 2-Passing the PACES
By J. Gray, Andrew Thillainayagam

MRCP 2-Passing the PACES

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By Paul Jenkins, Philip Kelly, Thomas Powles


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10) Cases for PACES
By Stephen Hoole

cases for MRCP

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