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I certainly hope that this site can provide valuable information to its readers. I passed my MRCP PACES in 2005 after working very hard for almost 4 years in various hospitals and departments. There are always a lot of obstacles faced by junior doctors when they want to sit for MRCP(UK) or MRCP (Ireland) examination. Besides heavy clinical works in hospitals, they are alwyas burdened by frequent on calls in hospitals especially for those who are working in developing countires such as Malaysia, India,Sudan and Pakistan.

I always believe that in order for you to pass the MRCP, you must remember 3 important steps in becoming a better physician, they are,

1) See more and practise more.....

2) See more and practise more.......

3) And learn to teach others so that you become a better doctor.

I would like to encourage those who do not pass the examination, you still have the chance if you work harder this time. Always remember that passing clinical exmaintion always requires combination of luck and knowledge. You can if you believe you can! is the Gateway for you to get your MRCP!.

Good luck!

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