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Dr Goh Heong Keong completed his undergraduate medical training at the University of Malaya in 2001.He started his housemanship in Taiping hospital in 2001 and subsequently posted to Hospital Seberang Jaya in 2002 as a medical officer in O+G department.

He obtained his MRCP from the United Kingdom in 2005. He later moved to Bukit Mertajam District Hospital as a clinical specialist in charge of Medical Department.

He had been working in Renal unit, Hospital Pulau Pinang since 2006 and later joined National University Hospital, Singapore. He has been trained in general nephrology, dialysis, kidney transplantation and critical care nephrology in Hospital Selayang and later Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

He developed an interest in interventional nephrology and kidney transplantation. Dr Goh manages a wide range of general medical problems as well as nephrology problems. He is capable in doing tunneled/non-tunneled catheters insertion, kidney biopsy, ultrasound Doppler assessment of native fistula and Tenckoff catheter insertion.

Dr Goh is also active in many other academic and professional areas. He has given lectures, published articles and conducted workshops in various places. He is also an honorary lecturer of Penang Medical College.

Besides being involved in medicine, Dr Goh is also a writer, he published a SPM revision book when he was still a medical student and also an author of a best-selling ebook entitled “ Pass MRCP PACES in One Attempt!”. He is also the founder of Your Gateway to MRCP, a website very popular among junior doctors who are preparing for their postgraduate examination ( MRCP).

Dr Goh HK has attended numerous conferences and meetings locally and internationally both as a guest speaker and a delegate to keep abreast with the rapidly advancing field in renal medicine.

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