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This page contains important information for you to learn more about MRCP PACES examination. PACES ( Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills) aims to test clinical skills of a candidate as well as his/her knowledge about management of common internal medicine cases. MRCP candidates are expected to be able to perform smooth and systematic clinical examination and provide sound and logical provisional diagnosis. Therefore, I always tell my junior doctors, you only need spinal reflex for you physical examination ( which means should be spontaneous and smooth) but you need your cortex/ cerebral reflex to answer questions ( therefore, think logically before you open your mouth!). This resource site should be useful for those who are preparing for their MBBS, PLAB, MRCP (UK), MRCP (Ireland), postgraduate clinical exmainations in the US, Australia (FRACP Part 1) and Canada (FCCP) and MD ( New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh).

It might be useful as well for those who are preparing for USMLE and Master of Internal Medicine in Singapore and Malaysia. If you have any comment, kindly email me!

Information for MRCP Candidates

This page provides vital information about MRCP and how the examiner mark you.In order for you to pass MRCP, always aim to score a four in each station, try to do well in every station. Learn about your history taking and counselling stations well.

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These pages provide important dates for your examination. Take a look at this page to know where is the nearest hospital organising mock exam in your area/country.

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A few must-read MRCP books for you to pass your exam.

Clinical Trials for MRCP candidates

Learn these trials to impress your examiners. I will be updating the latest trials to this page which are relevant to MRCP exam.


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