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(Last Modified: 10 January 2007)

PassPACES MRCP Tutorial

Tutorial for MRCP PACES


     I try to gather valuable information about MRCP PACES here. There are always some common mistakes made by candidates during thier MRCP PACES, I think I have covered that adequately here. Do visit this page if you want to know general information about MRCP PACES. For PassPACES tutorial, I hope to give you some valuable information or tricks that are important and crucial. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of tricks involved in MRCP PACES examination. The way you hold your stethoscope or even the way how you put your stethoscope gives a lot of impression to examiners about your daily practice of examining patients in ward.

     You must remember four things in your physical examination during your PACES exam. You must try to finish your examination smoothly on time, present your physical signs, correlate your physical signs with a provisional diagnosis and discuss some management problems with the examiners.

     I have divided PassPACES tutorial according to five short stations as in the real exam and I would upload valuable information regularly in order to help you to pass your MRCP PACES.

MRCP Station 1

MRCP Station 2

MRCP Station 3

MRCP Station 4

MRCP Station 5

    Remember that clinical exam is always an unfair game, whether you pass or not depends greatly on you performances that day. You need a combination of preparation, knowledge and luck to pass your exam. Therefore, always prepare the worst in MRCP PACES, you may encounter some rare cases in your exam, however, spend more time to learn common cases, examiners would fail you badly if you do not know common medical problems in your exam!

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